Your bankruptcy is your Survival Kit, but of course not all bankruptcies are created equal.

The more experience with personal and small business bankruptcies your attorney has the better deal he can craft for you. We have got over 25 years of experience making great bankruptcies for people just like you.

All initial consultations are free! Come in for a stress-free chat with an actual bankruptcy attorney who will give you the 411.

You will receive a written gameplan, maybe a few options to consider, & a price quote with no obligation. Ya, totally free. :)

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We represent you in court, and we also represent you to your creditors. Collection calls come to us so you can answer your phone again.

And the collection notices ... those come to us, too. We'll open & file them and respond judiciously. Did we say 'It's good to be represented by Lacavalaw'?
Cuz it is.

We connect directly to the bankruptcy court so we can file all your documents quickly and securely.

Since we file to the bankruptcy court's servers, updating your information, revising your bankruptcy, or even modifying your bankruptcy plan is quick, easy, and definitely saves time & money.

A custom designed bankruptcy - versus an awful cookie-cutter bankruptcy - will make a huge difference to your financial outcome.

When shopping around, make sure your attorney regularly files 7s, 13s & 11s, so you won't end up with the wrong one. We have years & years of experience tailoring all types of bankruptcies - without cookie-cutters!

We know sometimes things quickly go from bad to worse. We can file your case in one afternoon. This can mean the difference in saving your home, or stopping a garnishment.

When you are in a jam, call us right away; we can file your case the same day.

We have filed hundreds of same-day cases.

From the moment we file your bankruptcy, an Automatic Stay Monster immediately appears. Even if you have received a notice of sale on your home, the monster can interrupt the sale, or a judgement, or even a garnishment.

This guy will protect your stuff while we help you get your life back on track.

Your bankruptcy is your Survival Kit. Call us to get yours ... or ask us anything, we're cool.

We're here to help. :)